2014 Leadership In History Award Winners

AASLH bestows Leadership in History Awards to establish and encourage standards of excellence in the collection, preservation, and interpretation of state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all Americans. By publicly recognizing superior and innovative achievements, the Leadership in History Awards serve as an inspiration to others in the field.AASLH maintains the awards program to recognize Good History that changes people’s lives by helping them make connections with the past. Click on the links for each award winner to read about their project and learn from their accomplishments.


The Albert B. Corey Award
The Fort Daniel Foundation, Smyrna, GA

Ernest Marquez: for outstanding scholarship and leadership in preserving and interpreting Southern California history

San Marino Historical Society and Elizabeth Pomeroy: for the publication San Marino: A Centennial History

Fullerton College: for the exhibit Legends and Legacies: The First 100 Years of Fullerton College

The Gatekeeper’s Museum and North Lake Tahoe Historical Society: for the exhibit Ursus Among Us: The American Black Bear in the Tahoe Basin

Oakland Museum of California: for the exhibit Above and Below: Stories From Our Changing Bay
This nomination is also the recipient of a HIP (History in Progress) Award.

Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District: for the Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium Project

History Colorado: for the exhibit Living West

Peter and Jane Montague Benes: for a lifetime of promoting and preserving the history of New England through The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife
District of Columbia

Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, D.C.: for the exhibit Voices of the Vigil

The Delaware Division of Historical Cultural Affairs: for the project The DeBraak and Its Atlantic World

Delaware Historical Society: for the exhibit Forging Faith, Building Freedom: African American Faith Experiences in Delaware, 1800-1980
This nomination is also the recipient of a HIP (History in Progress) Award.

Jan H. Johannes, Sr.: for his dedication to preserving and sharing the history of Nassau County, FL

Ann Schierhorn, David LaBelle, Althemese Barnes, and the John G. Riley Museum: for the exhibit “They Led the Way”

Atlanta History Center: for the Party with the Past program

Telfair Museums: for the Slavery and Freedom in Savannah project

Teri Schorzman: for her dedication to preserving and interpreting the history of the City of Boise

Boise City Department of Arts and History: for the Historic South Boise Trolley Station Plaza

Jerome L. Thompson: for over three decades of exceptional service to the history community of Iowa

Brucemore, Inc.: for the stabilization and conservation of the Grant Wood Sleeping Porch

The Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art: for the exhibit The Left Front: Radical Art in the “Red Decade,” 1929-1940

Elmhurst Historical Museum: for the exhibit Carl Sandburg in Elmhurst

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area: for #QR1863: A Twitter Reenactment of Quantrill’s Raid
This nomination is also the recipient of a HIP (History in Progress) Award.

Sisters of Loretto: for the Sisters of Loretto Heritage Center

Tracy E. K’Meyer: for the publication From Brown to Meredith: The Long Struggle for School Desegregation in Louisville, Kentucky, 1954-2007

Kentucky Historical Society: for the HistoryMobile exhibit Torn Within and Threatened Without: Kentuckians in the Civil War Era

Leslie Rounds and the Saco Museum: for the exhibit “I My Needle Ply with Skill” Maine Schoolgirl Needlework of the Federal Era

Ghlee E. Woodworth: for the Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library: for the publication Curiosities of the Craft: Treasures from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Collection

Detroit Historical Society, Denver Brunsman, Joel Stone, and Douglas D. Fisher: for the publication Border Crossings: The Detroit River Region in the War of 1812

Dr. Keith R. Widder: for the publication Beyond Pontiac’s Shadow: Michilimackinac and the Anglo-Indian War of 1763

Detroit Historical Society: for the Past>Forward exhibitions

Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, Randy Croce, Dan Ganley, David Riehle, John Sielaff, and Victoria Woodcock: for the documentary and website Who Built Our Capitol? The Lives and Work of the Men and Women Who Built the Minnesota State Capitol Building

Mark F. Peterson: for his exceptional leadership of the Winona County Historical Society and his dedication to preserving the history of the county

John W. Decker: for his years of exceptional service and dedication to the Stearns History Museum

Minnesota Historical Society: for the program The Dred Scott Family and the National Debate Over Slavery

Minnesota Historical Society: for Play the Past

Dave Kenney: for the publication Minnesota in the ’70s

Minnesota Historical Society: for the publication and program Northern Lights: The Stories of Minnesota’s Past

Clifford Canku, Clifford Canku, Michael Simon, and the Minnesota Historical Society : for the publication The Dakota Prisoner of War Letters: Dakota Kaŝkapi Okicize Wowapi

Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County: for the exhibit Prairie Daughters: The Art and Lives of Annie Stein and Orabel Thortvedt

Kansas City Public Library: for the website Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict, 1854-1865

Museum of the Mississippi Delta: for the exhibit War Comes to the Mississippi Delta

Thomas R. Buecker and the Nebraska State Historical Society: for the publication A Brave Soldier and Honest Gentleman: Lt. James E. H. Foster in the West, 1873-1881
New York

Laurence M. Hauptman: for the publication In the Shadow of Kinzua: The Seneca Nation of Indians since World War II
New Mexico

New Mexico History Museum and Palace of the Governors: for the exhibit Cowboys, Real and Imagined
North Carolina

North Carolina Museum of History: for the exhibit Watergate: Political Scandal and the Presidency

Sandusky Library: for the documentary Under the Baton: Music at Old Cedar Point

Ohio Historical Society: for the Ohio Village Time Share Program

Kent State University: for the Kent State University May 4 Visitor Center exhibits

Lynley Dunham-Cole: for the exhibit Following the Tracks of the Underground Railroad in Warren County

Charles B. Oellig: for his dedication to preserving and interpreting the history of the Pennsylvania National Guard

Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion: for the Upstairs, Downstairs tour

Pennsylvania College of Technology: for the Penn College History Trail

Cliveden: for the program Emancipating Cliveden

Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum: for the development of the museum

Landis Valley Village and Museum: for The Lancaster Long Rifle exhibit

Thomas B. Hagen and Erie Insurance: for the publication The Historic Tribbals House-1842

Thomas White: for the publication Witches of Pennsylvania: Occult History and Lore

Senator John Heinz History Center: for the publication The Civil War in Pennsylvania: The African American Experience

U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center: for the exhibit A Great Civil War: Battles that Defined a Nation, 1863
Rhode Island

Newport Restoration Foundation: for the Rough Point Valance VIP Project

Tennessee State Museum: for the Freedom’s Call essay contest

Brigham City Museum of Art and History: for the project Outside the Homeland: The Intermountain Indian School

Springfield Art and Historical Society: for the publication The Entrepreneurs and the Workers of the Soot: A History of the Foundry in Springfield, Vermont

Rokeby Museum: for the exhibit Free and Safe: The Underground Railroad in Vermont

William L. Lawrence: for his dedication to preserving the history of Gloucester County, VA

Christopher M. Calkins: for his dedication to preserving the Civil War Battlefield landscape of Virgina

Robert Russa Moton Museum: for the exhibit The Moton School Story: Children of Courage

Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: for the exhibit The Overland Westerners

Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers: for the documentary Honor and Sacrifice: The Roy Matsumoto Story
This nomination is also the recipient of a HIP (History in Progress) Award.
West Virginia

The Traveling 219 Project: for the website Traveling 219: The Seneca Trail

Ward Irish Music Archives: for the Irish Sheet Music Archives Website

Wisconsin Historical Society Press: for the publication Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State

Neenah Historical Society: for the exhibit Take Cover, Neenah: Backyard Family Fallout Shelter in Cold War America

The Civil War Museum: for the multimedia experience Seeing the Elephant