AASLH Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force advises the Council on ways to build diversity and inclusion (racial/ethnic, cultural, dis/ability, and sexual identity) in the field of history and within the AASLH itself. Members of the task force serve as ambassadors during the AASLH Annual Meeting and at other gatherings in reaching out to conference participants who represent the diversity of the field, drawing them into the life of the organization. The task force organizes such efforts with the involvement of Council and other committees and affinity groups of the organization. The task force also helps to build collaborative partnerships with other organizations and institutions that lead to greater representation of underrepresented groups in the field of history. Each year the task force will report on the general trends of diversity and inclusion initiatives in the field of history, highlighting noteworthy examples of achievement by history organizations. The task force also annually will report on diversity and inclusion activities within the AASLH so that these can be shared with members at the annual meeting and in the annual report.

The task force is directed to rework this description of its charge and to recommend a final version to the Chair of Council. The group is also encouraged to recommend additional members to be invited to join its ranks. The term of service on this task force is one year, with the opportunity for reappointment.

Marian Carpenter (chair), The Ringling Museum of Art (2016-2018)
Omar Eaton-Martinez, National Museum of American History (2016-2018)
Enimini Ekong, Brown v Board of Education National Heritage Site (2017-2018)
Veronica Gallardo, Fort Monroe Authority (2016-2018)
Amanda Jasso, Austin Public Library (2017-2018)
Richard Josey, Minnesota Historical Society (2017-2018)
Julia Rose, Homewood Museum (2016-2018)
Kimberly Springle, Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives (2017-2018)
Chris Taylor, Minnesota Historical Society (2016-2018)
Tobi Voigt, Michigan History Center (2016-2018)