Editorial Advisory Board

The AASLH Editorial Advisory Board aids in the publication of books for the AASLH series with Rowman & Littlefield Press. The series addresses issues critical to the field of state and local history through interpretive, intellectual, scholarly, and educational texts.

Advisory board members seek out and review proposals for the series (thinking critically about the needs of the field) and bring forward new, interesting, and/or innovative research for publication.


Rebecca Shrum, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (2017-2021)

Anne W. Ackerson, Leading by Design (2015-2019)
Bill Bomar, University of Alabama Museums (2015-2019)
Jessica Dorman, Historic New Orleans Collection (2015-2019)
W. Eric Emerson, South Carolina Department of Archives and History (2014-2018)
Tim Grove, National Air and Space Museum (2014-2018)
Laura Koloski, Heritage Philadelphia Program (2015-2019)
Russell Lewis, Chicago History Museum (2015-2019)
Jane Lindsey, Juneau-Douglas City Museum (2015-2019)
Ann McCleary, University of West Georgia (2015-2019)
Laurie Ossman, The Antiquities Coalition (2015-2019)
Laura Roberts, Roberts Consulting (2015-2019)
Julie Rose, Homewood Museum (2014-2018)
Kimberly Springle, Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives (2015-2019)
William S. Walker, Cooperstown Graduate Program SUNY Oneonta (2015-2019)

Bob Beatty, AASLH
Charles Harmon, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers