Finance Committee

The AASLH Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee. The committee meets via conference call to review financial statements prior to each Council meeting and review the annual budget. The committee makes recommendations to staff and the AASLH Council. A majority of committee members must have financial expertise.


Norman Burns (Treasurer), Conner Prairie (2014-2018)
Jody Blakenship, Connecticut Historical Society (2016-2018)
Janet Gallimore, Idaho State Historical Society (2014-2016)
Linnea Grim, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello (2016-2018)
Stacy Klinger, Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House (2017-2019)
Kyle McKoy, Indiana Historical Society (2016-2018)
Julia Rose, West Baton Rouge Museum (2014-2018)
Scott Wands, Connecticut Humanities (2016-2018)
John Dichtl (Ex Officio), AASLH
Katherine Kane (Ex Officio), Harriet Beecher Stowe Center