Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for evaluating the investment strategies of AASLH’s restricted and unrestricted investments, and making adjustments to the strategies as warranted. Members must have some experience with investments to serve.


Brent Ott (Chair), The Henry Ford (2013-2017)
Norman Burns (Treasurer), Conner Prairie (2014-2018)
Jennifer Kilmer, Washington State Historical Society (2017-2019)
Jeff Matsuoka, Indiana Historical Society (2013-2017)
Dennis A. O’Toole, Cañada Alamosa Institute, Inc. (2013-2017)
Ann Toplovich, Tennessee Historical Society (2016-2018)
Marcy Withington, Mystic Seaport Museum (2013-2017)
Anne Woosley, Arizona Historical Society (2016-2018)
John Dichtl (Ex Officio), AASLH
Katherine Kane (Ex Officio), Harriet Beecher Stowe Center