Joint Task Force on Public History Education and Employment

Organized by NCPH, this group brings together the American Association for State and Local History, American Historical Association, National Council on Public History, and Organization of American Historians to examine how graduate training is preparing students for professional employment and how to strengthen connections between curriculum and employers’ needs.


Phil Scarpino (2014-present, Co-Chair), NCPH
Dan Vivian (2014-present, Co-Chair), NCPH
Kristen Gwinn-Becker (2015-present), NCPH
David Glassberg (2014-present), OAH
Anthea Hartig (2014-present), OAH
Aidan Smith (2014-present), OAH
Jim Grossman (2014-present), AHA
Scott Stroh (2014-present), AASLH
Jackie Barton (2015-present), AASLH
John Dichtl (2014-present), AASLH