Semiquincentennial Committees

Given the significance of the Bicentennial on the country and within the historical community, this task force and larger advisory committee is planning for AASLH and the field to make the most of the upcoming 250th anniversary of the nation’s founding. They will address activities, goals, and outcomes as well as partnerships, and issues of relevance, diversity, and new perspectives.

Task Force
Jennifer Kilmer, Washington State Historical Society (2017-)
Linnea Grimm, Monticello (2016-)
Richard Josey, Minnesota Historical Society (2017-)
Kevin Cherry, North Carolina Office of Archives & History (2017-)
Kent Whitworth, Kentucky Historical Society (2017-)
Gavin Kleespies, Massachusetts Historical Society (2017-)
Sara Cureton, New Jersey Historical Commission (2017-)
Jody Blakenship, Connecticut Historical Society (2017-)
Estevan Rael-Galvez, Creative Strategies 360 (2017-)

Advisory Committee
Katie Eagleton, National Museum of American History (2017-)
Marian Carpenter
, The Ringling Museum of Art (2016-)
Brad Westwood
, Utah Department of Heritage and Arts (2017-)
Jamie Bosket
, Virginia Historical Society (2017-)
W. Todd Groce, Georgia Historical Society (2017-)
Brian Bolinger, 
Texas State Historical Association (2017-)
Tammy Gordon, North Carolina State University (2017-)
Peter Seibert, Colonial Williamsburg (2017-)
Julie Rose, Johns Hopkins University (2016-)
Pam Pettengell, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation (2017-)
Dee Harris, National Archives (2017-)
Ann Toplovich, East Tennessee History Center (2017-)
Gary Sandling, Monticello (2017-)
Bob Allison, Suffolk University (2017-)
Norman Burns, Conner Prairie (2016-)