“There’s no substitute for being amidst one’s own people”

Read what AASLH 2015 attendees had to say about their experiences at the Annual Meeting.

“Last September in Atlanta I was struck by the importance of “being there”—at the annual meeting: of going off to sessions, program in hand; sitting with coffee, talking; and walking to and fro among colleagues. I liked overhearing the chatter, listening to others discuss a small point or large one, of being among people who love doing local history. There is no substitute for being amidst one’s own people.

I didn’t know a lot of individuals at the meeting. I had heard of some, had gone to speak for others at their history organizations, and some I probably passed by without remembering a name. But I liked the massing of local historians and those who care for local history. We come in all sizes and shapes—some in and some not in shape, of many hues, and of so many different interests. Walking among them felt comfortable. I knew that I resonated with their interests and that I shared with them certain knowledge and problems. It was good to be in the company of my peers.” -Carol Kammen (Read the full History News Article)

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