AASLH Hurricane Harvey Cultural Relief Fund

As Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath continue to unfold on the Gulf Coast of Texas, AASLH staff, Council, and members are preparing to travel to the Lone Star State for #AASLH17 in Austin on September 6-9. The location of the 2017 Annual Meeting allows us the perfect opportunity to give back to our host state and its cultural institutions in a time of great need.

By the time the Annual Meeting kicks off in Texas next week, we still may not know the full extent of the damage to museums and history organizations in the path of the storm. We do, however, have the ability to leave resources behind after we depart to aid our colleagues as they rebuild.

We invite you to contribute to the AASLH Hurricane Harvey Cultural Relief Fund. You can donate online, by mail, or in-person at the AASLH Annual Meeting. All funds collected between August 29 and September 18 will be given to one of our Texas partners to be distributed to cultural organizations hit hard by the storm.

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Thank you for helping our Texas colleagues in their time of need.

Annual Fund

This spring and summer, AASLH needs your support to keep growing the programs and services that serve members so well. Will you give today to support the association that has been leading the field since 1940?


“Support for the American Association for State and Local History is a given for heritage professionals like me, because of the extensive work AASLH does in nurturing an environment in which state and local history can thrive. Local historical societies and museums understand…[that] AASLH brings us together to strive toward excellence for the good of our profession, but, more importantly, for the good of our communities. And that’s why I am proud to support AASLH with my time, skills, and donations.”

-Elizabeth P. Stewart, Director, Renton History Museum


“We give because AASLH has been central to our professional lives—as well as the source of many life-long friendships. A lot of people have nurtured, inspired, and encouraged us over the years. We give to AASLH because we want others to have these opportunities as well.”

-James M. Vaughan, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
-Janet Vaughan, Vice President, Membership & Programs, American Alliance of Museums


“AASLH is an essential partner in my career and has helped me develop a network of colleagues that support each other through challenges and celebrate each other’s successes. An early professional development experience at Project Management for History Professionals armed me with vital skills to take on big projects, and later in my career, SHA was instrumental in my taking new leaps professionally. AASLH provides fundamental resources to professionals and volunteers from organizations of all sizes and it is AASLH’s commitment to museums and historical societies big and small that inspires me to financially support its programs. AASLH’s commitment to providing scholarships and educational opportunities that make history organizations stronger, more relevant, and crucial community partners is essential, now more than ever.”

-Jennifer Landry, Curator, National Scouting Museum


“I manage a small museum staffed by part-time employees and volunteers. The resources and camaraderie I got from AASLH make me feel like I have a whole team behind me. The annual conference gives me energy, empowers me, and refills my soul. That’s why I give each year to AASLH.”

-Jacqui Ainlay-Conley, Museum Administrator, City and County of Broomfield


“Although I retired in March 2011, I still support AASLH annually and urge all of you to do the same. Since my first job in the field in 1968, I found AASLH a great source of technical information. Attendance at more than 20 annual meetings gave me inspiration, knowledge and friends for life. AASLH is the national organization of my heart and soul.”

-Ruby Rogers, Former Director, Cincinnati Historical Society Library


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