Leadership in History Awards

AASLH bestows Leadership in History Awards to establish and encourage standards of excellence in the collection, preservation, and interpretation of state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all Americans. By publicly recognizing superior and innovative achievements, the Leadership in History Awards serve as an inspiration to others in the field.

Nominations for the 2018 Awards are due by March 1, 2018. Nominations can take some time to put together, so start your nomination at least 3-4 weeks before the deadline.

Doing Good History

AASLH maintains the awards program to recognize Good History that changes people’s lives by helping them make connections with the past. Recipients can take pride in the fact that they are recognized by their peers.  Winners use the award to promote their institution in their communities and beyond, including leveraging needed funds.

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Submission Process

AASLH encourages all size institutions to apply, and to self-nominate. Creating an AASLH nomination helps measure the success of an organization’s programs and is an important step to excellence. AASLH State Representatives are here to help all nominees.

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