Benefits of an AASLH Individual Membership

Why Should I Be a Member of AASLH?


1. Networking: Where else can you connect on a personal level with 1,600 history professionals and 4,000 institutions and their staffs? AASLH provides yearlong opportunities for paid and unpaid history professionals to connect and collaborate both online and in person through our Annual Meeting, Online Conference, Affinity Groups, live interactive webinars, onsite workshops, and more.

2. Our Work Matters: AASLH’s advocacy and leadership is crucial to keeping history organizations funded and healthy. Becoming a member is the best way to support this important effort. Your membership is a commitment to the field and helps us to champion the relevance of history and history organizations.

3. Annual Meeting: Each year, close to a thousand history professionals and enthusiasts come together at the AASLH Annual Meeting to network, collaborate, discuss innovative ideas, and learn from peers and experts alike. Members get significantly discounted registration for the Annual Meeting. (Take a look at our 2015 program.)

4. Continuing Education Programs: Every year, AASLH has a full calendar of continuing education opportunities, both onsite and online. Whether you learn best through a self-paced online course, live webinars, recorded webinars, onsite workshops, or hybrid courses, you will find AASLH has programs that are convenient, affordable, and relevant to your work. We also offer an Online Conference every year, so that the important ideas being discussed at the Annual Meeting reach as wide an audience as possible. AASLH members get significant discounts on all programs and the Online Conference.rsz__dsc3189

5. History News Magazine: History News exists to foster publication, research, and an open forum for discussion of best practices, applicable theories, and professional experiences pertinent to the field of state and local history. Each quarterly issue includes feature articles, regular columns, and a free Technical Leaflet. In addition to the hard copy, members can download current and past PDFs of History News for free. (Download complementary History News articles.) Members also get our monthly e-newsletter, Dispatch.

6. Resources: Members get discounts on hundreds of cutting-edge books, Technical Leaflets, podcasts (a lot of these are already free), recorded webinars, online courses, and professional development resources. Members also get 20% off all AASLH books at Rowman & Littlefield. Don’t forget, the AASLH website has a resource bank of over 1,000 searchable resources.

7. Write for Our Member Voices Blog: Do you have relevant research, project results, or or tips about successes or failures to share with the thousands of people who read our posts? Members can submit posts to be published on our Member Voices blog. Members can also post announcements on our Member Announcements blog.

8. Members Get In Free Program: Hundreds of historical sites across the country offer free admission to AASLH members. Our website features an interactive map of all participating institutions. (See the full list of membership levels and benefits.)

What are you waiting for? Join today and make AASLH your home for history.