Public history takes history out of a strictly academic setting, to engage the public and make history accessible. Read more about types of jobs in public history, how they differ from other history-related careers, and the types of training required to get into the field.

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Read personal stories from both young and experienced professionals about the challenges of building a career in an underfunded, yet competitive field. Should you volunteer? Get more education? Get a PhD?

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Looking for your internship for degree credit? Need to post an internship or fellowship? Look no further.

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AASLH professional development courses, workshops and certificates will deepen and broaden your skills, making you more effective at work and increasing your marketability if you are looking at new jobs.

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This is the place where history professionals gather. AASLH is a national association serving the needs of history professionals and organizations in North America. For 75 years, we have served all-volunteer run museums, national historical institutions, and everyone in between. As a member of AASLH, you will get intimate access to the network of people, organizations, and resources that have gathered to form a powerful collective force for determining the future of state and local history in our communities, states, and in our nation.