AASLH is known as a go-to-source for high quality publications for history professionals. Here you will find books ranging from the widely used Small Museums Toolkit to more project-specific works like Museum Store Management. Our books cover a wide range of topics, from interpreting slavery to cataloging antiques to applying for grants. For more resources searchable by subject, visit our Resource Bank.

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Recent Books

Interpreting Immigration at Museums and Historic Sites (2016)
Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites (2016)
Interpreting American Military History at Museums and Historic Sites (2016)
Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: A Guide for Small Museums and Historic Sites (2016)
Textile Collections: Preservation, Access, Curation, and Interpretation in the Digital Age (2016) 
Practical Evaluation Guide: Tools for Museums and Other Informal Educational Settings, 3rd Edition (2016)
Cemetery Tours and Programming: A Guide (2016)
Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Museums: A Handbook for Volunteer Management (2016)

Interpreting Food at Museums and Historic Sites (2016)
Free and Easy Website Design for Museums and Historic Sites
Case Studies in Cultural Entrepreneurship: How to Create Relevant and Sustainable Institutions
Environmental Sustainability and Historic Properties (2015)
Membership Marketing in the Digital Age: a Handbook for Museums and Libraries (2015)
Museum and Historic Site Management: a Case Study Approach (2015) 
Interpreting African American History at Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Interpreting Native American History and Culture at Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Interpreting LGBT History at Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Interpreting the Prohibition Era at Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Interpreting Slavery at Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Leading the Historical Enterprise: Strategic Creativity, Planning, and Advocacy for the Digital Age (2014)
Nomenclature 4.0 for Museum Cataloging (2015)
On Doing Local History, Third Edition (2014)
Programming for People with Special Needs: A Guide for Museums and Historic Sites (2014)
Zen and the Art of Local History (2014)

More Books

A Graveyard Preservation Primer, Second Edition (2013)
A Place to Remember: Using History to Build Community (1999)
A Primer for Local Historical Societies: Revised and Expanded from the First Edition, 2nd Edition (1991)
Adult Museum Programs: Designing Meaningful Experiences (2002)
American Artifacts of Personal Adornment, 1680-1820: A Guide to Identification and Interpretation (2005)
Archives for the Lay Person: A Guide to Managing Cultural Collections (2012)
Artifacts and the American Past
Boats: A Manual for Their Documentation (1993)
Defining Memory: Local Museums and the Construction of History in America’s Changing Communities (2007)
Dialogue with the Past: Engaging Students and Meeting Standards through Oral History (2004)
Digital Imaging: A Practical Approach (2004)
Directory of Historic House Museums in the United States (1999)
Directory of Historical Organizations in the United States and Canada, 15th edition (2001)
Early American Decorative Arts, 1620-1860: A Handbook for Interpreters, Revised and Enhanced (2010)
Editing Historical Documents: A Handbook of Practice (1997)
Encyclopedia of Local History, Second Edition (2012)
Exhibit Makeovers: A Do-It-Yourself Workbook for Small Museums (2008)
Exploring Museum Theatre (2004)
Fundraising for Small Museums: In Good Times and Bad (2012)
Furniture Care and Conservation, Third Edition
Great Tours!: Thematic Tours and Guide Training for Historic Sites (2002)
Houses and Homes: Exploring Their History (1995)
Ideas and Images: Developing Interpretive History Exhibits (1995)
Identifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, 1600-1945, Revised Edition (1979)
Identifying American Furniture: Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged
Interpretation of Historic Sites, First Edition (1986)
Interpreting Historic House Museums (2002)
Introduction to Museum Work, Third Edition (1997)
Is Your Museum Grant-Ready?: Assessing Your Organization’s Potential for Funding (2005)
Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings: A Handbook for Reproducing and Creating Authentic Landscape Settings, Second Edition (1995)
Leadership for the Future: Changing Directorial Roles in American History Museums and Historical Societies (1991)
Leadership Matters (2013)
Learning from Museums: Visitor Experiences and the Making of Meaning (2000)
Living History Reader: Museums
Local Businesses: Exploring Their History (1990)
Local Schools: Exploring Their History
Managing Historical Records Programs: A Guide for Historical Agencies (2000)
Material Culture Studies in America: An Anthology (1982)
Moving a House with Preservation in Mind (2006)
Museum Administration: An Introduction (2003)
Museum Masters: Their Museums and Their Influence
Museum Public Relations (1995)
Museum Store Management, Second Edition (2000)
Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums, Second Edition (2007)
Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You, Third Edition (2010)
New Solutions for House Museums: Ensuring the Long-Term Preservation of America’s Historic Houses (2007)
Nomenclature 3.0 for Museum Cataloging (2010)
Oral History for the Local Historical Society, Third Edition (1995)
Oral History: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, Second Edition (1996)
Organizing Archival Records: A Practical Method of Arrangement and Description for Small Archives, Third Edition (2012)
Places of Worship: Exploring Their History (1995)
Playing Ourselves: Interpreting Native Histories at Historic Reconstructions
Practical Evaluation Guide: Tools for Museums and Other Informal Educational Settings, Second Edition (2009)
Preservation Politics: Keeping Historic Districts Vital (March 2012)
Preventive Conservation for Historic House Museums (2010)
Private History in Public: Exhibition and the Settings of Everyday Life (2010)
Public Places: Exploring Their History (1987)
Registration Methods for the Small Museum, Fourth Edition
Small Museum Toolkit (6 Volume Set) (2011)
Starting Right: A Basic Guide to Museum Planning, Third Edition (2012)
Telling History: A Manual for Performers and Presenters of First-Person Narratives (2009)
The Buildings of Main Street: A Guide to American Commercial Architecture, Updated Edition (2000)
The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections, Second Edition (1996)
The Care of Prints and Drawings (1996)
The Making of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park: A Devil, Two Rivers, and a Dream (2007)
The Museum Educator’s Manual: Educators Share Successful Techniques (2009)
The Museum in America: Innovators and Pioneers (1997)
The New Town Square: Museums and Communities in Transition (2004)
The Oral History Manual, Second Edition (2009)
The Promise of Cultural Institutions (2003)
The Pursuit of Local History: Readings on Theory and Practice (1996)
The Tasteful Interlude: American Interiors through the Camera’s Eye, 1860-1917, Second Edition (1982)
Transcribing and Editing Oral History (1991)
Twilight at Conner Prairie: The Creation, Betrayal, and Rescue of a Museum
Women and Museums: A Comprehensive Guide (2005)
Writing Local History Today: A Guide to Researching, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book (2013)