st. pual evening

logo-med-resSt. Paul, Minnesota
September 17-20

Come see why History Matters!

Nothing can replace the opportunities that arise when you intersect with people who come together around common goals and interests — good history and good times. In 2014, the AASLH Annual Meeting in St. Paul enables us to explore ways to be “greater than the sum of our parts.”

Minneapolis and St. Paul, the “Twin Cities,” developed to meet different needs. St. Paul grew as the state capital and the port at the head of navigation on the Mississippi, while Minneapolis developed around the industrially powerful and majestic Falls of St. Anthony.

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Why you should attend

The AASLH Annual Meeting is the one time each year we gather for networking and professional development. It’s a crucial part of our profession, to gather with peers, discuss ideas, and refresh yourself with passion! Read more on the reasons to attend an Annual Meeting and tips for gaining travel approval.

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All about St. Paul

One half of the Twin Cities, St. Paul is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that serves as the Navigational Port of the Mighty Mississippi and the capital of Minnesota. This big city with a small-town charm has much to offer and teach when it comes to history.

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