Louisville, Kentucky
September 16-19, 2015

The Power of Possibility

We all know that history organizations continue to operate in a highly challenging environment. How do we demonstrate, encourage, and inspire the Power of Possibility within the realm of history organizations and far beyond?

Join us as we find ways to blend what appear to be opposite extremes and we navigate boundaries and barriers, ultimately unlocking the Power of  Possibility!


Preliminary Program Guide

Why you should attend

The AASLH Annual Meeting is the one time each year we gather for networking and professional development. It’s a crucial part of our profession, to gather with peers, discuss ideas, and refresh yourself with passion! Read more on the reasons to attend an Annual Meeting and tips for gaining travel approval.

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All About Louisville

In the heart of it all! Located along the Ohio River on the Kentucky-Indiana border. It’s unique location and geography has made Louisville a cosmopolitan hub of transportation, commerce, and cultural exchange for centuries.

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