Membership matters. Dues make up over a third of AASLH’s operating budget. Memberships allow us to continue developing and improving our resources for history organizations and professionals.

We are a network, a gathering place, a community where history professionals from all over the country can learn together, teach each other, commiserate together, celebrate their successes with each other…where we can work together to strengthen the field and promote the value of history.

Why Should You Become a Member?

An AASLH membership gives you member discounts on Annual Meeting registration, books, webinars, workshops, and other publications. Members get our quarterly magazine, History News and four Technical Leaflets per year.

Institutions get discounts on Past Perfect, our Job Board, and our Visitors Count! program as well as the ability to enroll in our StEPs program.

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Serving you at the National Level

AASLH is your leader at the national level when it comes to state and local history. By working directly with federal funding agencies, representation on national committees, and advocating for increased funding for the field, AASLH provides leadership on the issues unique to history organizations.

Guiding you at the Local Level

AASLH provides resources, training, and guidance of the highest quality to help you do your work at home on the state and local level. Through an online clearinghouse of hundreds of documents, professional development opportunities, and Affinity Communities, AASLH develops the programs and services you need to do your work.

History is a Calling

AASLH is where you join others who share that calling. AASLH is more than just information. It’s a relationship, a family, and a community. No other national association answers the needs of history professionals the way AASLH does. Our services are affordable, comprehensive, and visionary. We develop our programs, publications, and services together with committees made up of AASLH staff and volunteers from history organizations across the nation.