Schedule of Events

Tuesday, June 3

9-10:45am General Session
Anniversaries and Commemoration: The Responsibilities and Promise of Presidential Sites
Our sites hold tremendous promise and responsibility. We, as a profession, are on a continuing quest to make our collections and sites meaningful; to increase their relevance to an ever-broadening and diverse audience; to meet the challenges of changing forms of communication and changing economy; and to take advantage of the constantly emerging technologies that have the potential to enable us to increase access to history experiences. The promise of remembrance and new beginnings is inherent in the work of commemoration, a core promise that energizes our investigations and innovations in the work of history. What are the opportunities and challenges of this commemorative mantle? How should presidential sites address anniversaries, both celebratory and tragic?
Session Chair: Bob Beatty, AASLH
Panelists: Nicola Longford, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza; Robert A. Enholm, The President Woodrow Wilson House; Erin Carlson Mast, President Lincoln’s Cottage

11am-12:30pm Breakout sessions

  1. National Significance & Local Impact: Connecting Communities to the Presidential Sites in their Backyards
    We often tell presidential history on a national or even international level, and many of our sites attract visitors from all over the country or the world. This type of focus can lead to challenges in connecting with our local communities. This session will highlight the work being done at some presidential sites to engage their local constituencies. The staff members describing the projects will highlight what they have done as well as the benefits and challenges they have encountered through their projects. Session participants will leave with concrete ideas for projects that will allow them to connect better with their local communities.
    Session Chair: Linnea Grim, Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello)
    Panelists: Roger Harding, President Benjamin Harrison Foundation; Kathleen Pate, William J. Clinton Presidential Library; Jordan Johnson, Clinton Foundation
  2. Connecting Presidential Collections: Centralizing Access to Digital Resources
    Interested in bringing more traffic to your digital collections? Want to participate with other great presidential sites and libraries to reach more people? Come and hear about Connecting Presidential Collections, a website that provides users one place to search across presidential resources. The Miller Center at UVA will discuss this IMLS-funded project by highlighting the participating partners and discussing future collaboration opportunities. The session will also detail the metadata aggregation and the map the road forward.
    Session Chair: Sheila Blackford, Miller Center, University of Virginia
    Panelists: Michael D. Greco, Matthew Stephens, and Amber Lautigar Reichert, Miller Center, University of Virginia

1:30-3:30pm Clinton Presidential Center

  1. Tours of Clinton Presidential Library
  2. Tours of Clinton Presidential Museum
  3. Tours of University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service

3:45-5:15pm General Session
Recovering our National Treasures: Case Studies of Internal and External Thefts from the National Archives and Records Administration
The National Archives has been the victim of theft at least six times in the past two decades. The list of culprits contains trusted employees, researchers, con men, and former government officials. How did they to do it? How were they caught? We will examine case studies from the files of the National Archives and Records Administration, Office of Inspector General and not only answer those questions, but also look for lessons learned on how to prevent and detect thefts from archival institutions.
Introductory comments:  Debra Steidel Wall, Deputy Archivist of the United States
Speakers: Matthew Elliott, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Office of Inspector General, National Archives and Records Administration

6:30-9pm Evening Event Clinton Presidential Center
Keynote speaker:
President Bill Clinton