Just like any other nonprofit organization, AASLH depends on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and corporations.  Through AASLH’s generous donors the association is able to continue developing much-needed programs and services to help history organizations advance their important missions.  There is no doubt that AASLH’s other sources of revenue (membership dues and earned income) are not enough to sustain institutional growth and increase the level of leadership the association is able to provide on behalf of state and local history.


Donate to the Annual Fund

Though a small portion of the AASLH budget, the Annual Fund allows us to be responsive to the history community’s needs. The fund powers new continuing education programs, efforts to improve diversity and inclusiveness, and efforts to promote the relevance of history. In 2016 and 2017, the fund is crucial to AASLH’s collaborative work with other organizations. Donations are applied to the annual operating budget for existing programs as well as the development of new initiatives.

Give to the Fund


Contributions to the AASLH Endowment assure the longevity of the organization and provide annual earned income to help sustain programs and operations. Donations are invested to achieve a balance of long-term security and the more immediate budgetary needs of AASLH in providing leadership and support for its members who preserve and interpret state and local history.

Give to the Endowment

Estate Planning

Through Estate Planning, donors can make planned gifts in their will or trust, or through a variety of estate planning tools.  All estate planning contributions will be deposited into AASLH’s Endowment Fund unless otherwise stated by the donor.  If you are interested in speaking with someone at AASLH about estate planning for AASLH, please contact John Dichtl, President & CEO or call 615.320.3203.

Tools for Estate Planning

Denny O’Toole SHA Scholarship

The Denny O’Toole SHA Scholarship funds need-based scholarships to attend Developing History Leaders @SHA. Funds are raised by the SHA Alumni Committee and are granted by the SHA partners. Donations defray tuition and lodging costs for a seminarian (or seminarians) who has been accepted into that year’s SHA class and applied for the scholarship. See www.historyleadership.org for more details on SHA.

Give to the Scholarship Fund