Don’t miss out on our 2017 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX


AASLH members have been gathering together annually to share ideas and innovations since 1940. These days, each Annual Meeting is attended by 800-1000 history professionals (paid and unpaid) eager to learn from each other in order to improve their organizations and the field of state and local history. Here’s what a few of those attendees had to say about their experiences at the Annual Meeting. Read more about the Annual Meeting.


Informative and Innovative Sessions 

Good variety of sessions, opportunities to spend time with colleagues, good to be with a group of people who are passionate about public history!

Great mix of thought provoking sessions, tours, and speakers.

I always enjoy tours and seeing the latest updates at other venues, but the Pop-up session was the best. The session allowed all viewpoints on very important topics. I had never attended a Pop-up session before, but will be looking forward to more.


Great Events & Opportunities for Networking and Socializing

AASLH’s evening events are always the best of any conferences I attend. Not only do they provide an opportunity for networking, they do so in a setting that allows attendees to learn more about another historic site or museum. They are not simply social events, but educational, enjoyable, and inspiring programs.

The opportunities to interact with colleagues in a variety of ways – formal sessions, meals, tours, happy hour, etc. There were many opportunities to begin and continue conversations beyond just the formal sessions.

I loved the awards dinner. I could see it through the eyes of two folks at my table, who were winning a major award, had never been there before, and for whom this was the Academy Awards.

I really appreciated the community building that happened at the free evening events (Battledecks at the Hard Rock Cafe).


A Welcoming Atmosphere for First Time Attendees

This was my first AASLH meeting and I really enjoyed the welcoming community that makes up this organization. I felt so happy and blessed to be around other public history oriented individuals and it was a truly empowering experience.

This was my first time attending, but I do attend AAM regularly, and I liked that this meeting had a more specific focus, with people whose professional situations more closely align with my own.

I was a first-time attendee. I was amazed at the number of sessions, events, social meetings, webinars, etc. It was extremely well organized.


The People!

The energy was amazing! It was a lot of fun to talk to others working for Historic House Museums. Everyone was excited to be there and share their experiences, both good and bad. I had a great time!

I loved getting to meet other folks who are coo coo for history like me.

Really nice professional vibe, and opportunity to meet such smart, hardworking and colleagues from around the country, all driven by the betterment of public-history practice and public service in a world that can be volatile and in an economy that remains very challenging.

The networking! The people that AASLH attracts are super friendly and interested in building good relationships and strategic partnerships. I found the attendees to be very open to sharing ideas


Relevant Topics and Real Tools for Making Change 

The fact that I left with a clear idea of what we as a field need to do — address contemporary issues through the useful (relevant) lens of history — is my favorite thing about the meeting.

Relevance to important topics today, not just the same fundraising/ education sessions seen at other conferences. The session about what to do now that the [confederate] flags are down was fantastic.

I was excited (and surprised!) to see political content–discussions of mass incarceration, racial and gender equality, the display of the Confederate flag, etc.–in many panels and keynotes. I also liked the length of the panels–not too long and not too short.


The Overall Quality of the Conference

Having attended conferences including MPMA, National Preservation Conference, etc, this conference was spectacular. The sessions were of a high quality, the exhibitors were varied and relevant.

Well done! I particularly want to give a huge hug to the Louisville host committee for being so welcoming and working so hard to show us what their town had to offer. That type of “hometown pride” makes the event so much more personal and fun! And to Bethany, Natalie, Bob B. and the whole AASLH staff: congrats on another amazing event!

Great job to the planning and host committees! The best national conference I’ve ever attended.

It was amazing! I will definitely save up to attend again. I have received scholarships for other conferences and although they were great, this one went above and beyond all expectations.