75 Years of Making the Past More Meaningful to All Americans

Next year marks AASLH’s 75th Anniversary Year. For the occasion, AASLH is creating a blog series for members to share their unique history and memories.

The celebration is not just about AASLH’s history, but about the collective history of AASLH members, both individual and institutional, and the work we do for the field of state and local history.

Please help AASLH celebrate by contributing to this series.

There are two options, one for each member type:

For Institutional Members
AASLH was founded in 1940. Institutional entries will be based on this year. If your organization didn’t exist in 1940, there are other options. Any entry that addresses any of the following ideas:

  • What was happening at your institution in 1940? What was going on? Institutional history of your organization for this year.
  • What was your organization doing in 1940, an exhibit, program, etc.? Tell us about the program.
  • Any object or document from your collection from 1940.
  • What was happening in 1940 at the local history level in your area?
  • Any historical topic from 1940 that relates to your institution.

For Individual Members
An entry that addresses any of the following ideas:

  • Share your favorite AASLH memory, a workshop, conference, event, etc.
  • Share your favorite history moment from your life.
  • Why did you choose this field?
  • Is there a specific moment, event, person that inspired you to work in this field?
  • What has been your most rewarding experience in this field?

How to Submit
Please submit the following in the body of your email. Do not attach word documents. AASLH can only accept submissions via email.

  • Email submissions to: pharris@aaslh.org
  • Deadline: Friday, December 5, 2014.
  • 300-600 word count.
  • Attach one image (required.) 5 images maximum. JPEG file only please.
  • Include your membership ID and name and email for contact.
  • In the subject line, tell us who you are and if this is an individual or institutional entry:

1.  John Doe: Individual Blog Entry
2. Doe Museum: Institutional Blog Entry