Happy New Year! Here at AASLH, we are already planning our 2016 Annual Meeting, curating a conference of fresh ideas and innovative tools along our theme: The Spirit of Rebirth. Of course, as history people, we know that one of the best ways to plan for the future is to look to the past. Before finalizing our plans and goals for 2016, we wanted to pause and take stock of the great ideas and stories our members shared in 2015. So, here is a list of our most-read posts of 2015, organized by month. Enjoy!



Are Guided Tours at Historic Houses Dead? by Cindy Olsen*

*Although this post was technically published in Dec 2014, it was our most read post of 2015.

Teens in Museums: Part 1 by Thomas Williamson



The Future of Education: The Role of Museums and Historical Organizations by Megan Wood

The Ideal Director? by Erik Miles



The History Relevance Campaign Moves to the Next Step by Tim Grove



What I Look For In A Museum Visit by Tobi Voigt

Science in a History Museum by Erin Doane



Going Postal: Postcards as Local History by Brian Failing



The Art of Being an Intern by Callie McCune

Managing Interpreters: Expectations and Feedback by Ryan Spencer



From Historic House Museum to 21st Century Museum by John M. Sherrer

Taming Your “Wild” Docents by Andy Albertson

History vs. Heritage – What stories are museums sharing? by Kristin L. Gallas

The Implications of Being TOO PC at Historic Sites by Michelle Zupan



Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts by John Dichtl



The Pleasant Hill Shakers and the Power of Possibility by Aaron Genton



The Small Museum Tool Box by Melissa Prycer

AASLH Statement on the Closure of the Illinois State Museum System by Julie Rose & John Dichtl

The SCARY Truth Facing Historic Houses by Michelle Zupan



5 Ways to Get a Woman Out of the Kitchen by Dolly Boyd


Using the Holocaust Museum’s Citizen History Project to Engage Your Visitors by John Dichtl

How Aid to Norway During WWII Transformed Into a History Museum by Jennifer Kovarik