As history organizations around the country adapt to the rapidly evolving public health situation, we’ll be sharing resources and ideas from across the field through our newsletter, blog, and webinars. The content posted here is from our weekly e-newsletter, Dispatch, for the week of March 30.

This week’s webinar topics: leadership/boards, virtual experiences, and financial planning.

This Week
NEH and the cultural stimulus package: The National Endowment for the Humanities has received $75 million to distribute to cultural institutions affected by the coronavirus. Read more.

Audience engagement in uncertain times: “The museum field, in particular, has been dealt a vexing challenge. How can we remain relevant if people can’t visit?” Timely tips from Andrea Jones of Peak Experience Lab on serving audiences in new ways. Andrea will also present our April 10 webinar “Empathetic Audience Engagement During a Crisis.” Read more.

Meet visitors where they are: “Social media is where community is happening right now.” Eight tips on taking your community engagement virtual and harnessing the power of social media for your organization. Read more.

Virtual museum resources: The Museum Computer Network is compiling and updating a list of virtual resources and online collections from around the globe that are helping sites stay relevant and share knowledge during the crisis. Read more.

Disinfecting artifacts: The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training is sharing great information on disinfecting and sanitizing at historic sites, including tips for cleaning solutions and different surfaces. Read more.

Reminder: All AASLH staff are working remotely until further notice. We’re still answering phones and voicemails. If you need to connect with a specific staff member, please email them directly.

Crisis resources for historical organizations: AASLH has created a landing page of COVID-19 resources, including blog posts, webinars, and external resources from around the field. We’ll keep it updated with the latest news to help you navigate the crisis. Read more.

New webinar series to connect with colleagues: The new AASLH Conversations series of webinars is designed to bring history practitioners across the country together for discussions of shared concerns with experts. Read more.

Exploring virtual reality: Our corporate partner TimeLooper will present a free webinar on April 1 discussing the power of virtual reality and use cases in the current environment, as well as practical ways to get your site online within 48 hours. Read more.

Collecting in quarantine: Our colleagues at the Maryland Historical Society have launched a collection initiative to preserve stories of this unique time in history. Read more.

Share visitation data: AASLH’s “National Visitation Survey” will remain open indefinitely to allow more institutions time to respond. We are asking institutions to submit their 2018 and 2019 visitation figures. Reliable data about recent visitation will ensure we can properly assess the impact of this year’s coronavirus closings. Submit your information here.

Upcoming Events from AASLH
*All in-person events scheduled through May 1 have been cancelled or postponed. AASLH is developing new online events to help practitioners and institutions respond to COVID-19. Please check our calendar for the latest news.

March 31: Webinar: AASLH Conversations: Leadership, Boards, and Response to COVID-19
April 1: Webinar: Museum Closed. Open for Impact. Sponsored by TimeLooper
April 2: Webinar: AASLH Conversations: Planning for an Uncertain Financial Future
April 10: Webinar: AASLH Conversations: Empathetic Audience Engagement During a Crisis
April 23: Webinar: Historic House Call: Mission
April TBD: Webinar: How to Spot Opportunity When it is Disguised as Chaos
May 19: Webinar: How to Build Your Own Successful Traveling Trunk Program
May 26: Online Course: Financial Structures and Strategy
June 1: Online Course: Basics of Archives
June 1: Online Course: Leadership and Administration for History Organizations
June 1: Online Course: Caring for Museum Collections

Upcoming Events from Other Organizations
April 1: Webinar on CARES stimulus bill: On Wednesday, April 1, the American Public Gardens Association is hosting a free webinar on how cultural sector institutions can obtain loans and other benefits through the recently passed CARES Act stimulus bill. Register here.

April 3: Webinar on coronavirus crisis management for museums: On Friday, April 3, AAM has asked Marcum LLP, Accountants and Advisors to provide a webinar about federal government loans, economic stimulus, and the timing of tax filings and payments. There are a number of actions that museums can take to preserve value in this time of crisis. Read more.