AASLH has long been the home for history. Our community brings together the curators, volunteers, administrators, educators, researchers, and many others who share the goal of connecting the public with the past.

Over the last few years, the AASLH community has become a place where creative and experimental approaches history can flourish. We need your help to take advantage of this experimental spirit and to continue to promote innovative historical practice. Your gift to the Annual Fund this fall can help make that happen.

In particular, your donations will:

  • Bring to life our Community Historian Program, which connects history enthusiasts with local institutions to help a wider range of people do good history. After piloting the program to great response here in Tennessee, we need help to begin planning its next phase, nationwide.
  • Develop new continuing education offerings. An IMLS grant is helping us develop a new framework for our professional development program, and a successful fundraising campaign this year will help us react more quickly to its findings and bring you new ways to learn about a broader selection of topics.

With your support this fall, more programs about relevant history and best practices will reach more history practitioners. We’ve already raised $10,000 this year, but we need to raise another $30,000. Will you help us get there?

It’s an ambitious goal, but as we prepare for 2019 and beyond, we are filled with excitement for the future. The creativity and passion of AASLH members is evident in every interaction, every email, and every phone call. You provide energy and inspiration the way nothing else can, and AASLH is proud to be your home for history.

Help us continue our work by making a donation to the Annual Fund.