One of the great benefits of Nomenclature 4.0 is that it corrects the errors that we found after Nomenclature 3.0 was published. But, wouldn’t you know it, new errors had a habit of creeping in. The new edition has been out for six months now, and we’ve only found three errors so far:

“Loom, Weight” (pp. 244, 719) should be deleted.  The preferred term is “Loomweight” (p. 242) as noted on p. 719.

“Software, Multifunction System” (pp. 360, 688) should read “Software, Multifunction”

“(use: Porte-Cochere)” (p. 658) should read “(use: Porte-Cochère)”

If you happen to notice a typo, an inconsistency, or other error, please report it to the Nomenclature Task Force at We and your colleagues will thank you for it. And be sure to keep up with errors on the errata page of the Nomenclature Community site at: I just hope there won’t be a constant stream of new and exciting content there! (And if you still use Nomenclature 3.0, you can find a list of errors from that edition on the same web page.)

Just think of the day when Nomenclature is more than just a printed book. Our goal is to present Nomenclature as an online resource that can be corrected and amended as the need arises. More details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned…