In 2014, the Historical Society of Harrison County completed an ambitious project to construct a driving tour of the county’s historic sites. 232 sites are highlighted on the 357 mile tour, including historic buildings, bridges, businesses, churches, small towns, parks, schools, stores, natural features, and other points of interest.

The Harrison County Driving Tour was unveiled as the inaugural exhibit in the recently restored Posey House. Hundreds visited the exhibit, and offered their own memories of the sites spotlighted in the driving tour. Tour books and audio guides accompany drivers through the five loops of the trail: the Historic Corydon Driving Tour (11 miles), Southwestern tour (105 miles), Southeastern Tour (115 miles), Northeastern Tour (60 miles), and Northwestern tour (64 miles).

The mission statement of the Historical Society of Harrison County is to preserve, protect, promote, and interpret the county’s rich history, and the driving tour project supports this in a number of ways. Thousands of volunteer hours were spent in driving, photographing, and lovingly recording the county’s back roads and highways to document disappearing places and produce the tour book.  It provides an opportunity for locals and visitors to connect with and learn the compelling stories from the county’s past as they travel along the roads. The preservation of the stories and the places where they happened is vitally important for saving and sharing the county’s legacy with current and future audiences.

The booklet’s introduction invites everyone to participate in capturing history, and reminds readers that every person and every place has a story to tell. “Grab your camera and your senses to help us record Harrison’s rich history for posterity. Come explore Harrison County!”



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