Welcome to AASLH’s Educators and Interpreters Affinity Group blog. The Arrrrducation Blog is place to feed your inner pirate where you can “steal” ideas and inspiration for your next program or exhibit. Each week we will explore a new tale from our voyages, share tips for conquering new lands (ideas), and highlight some examples we’ve seen along the way.

Members of the E&I Affinity Group will take turns bringing you these blogs from all corners of the country. Some of us sail on large privately-owned ships. Others fight the seas on smaller locally-owned vessels. Regardless of title or size of ship (institution), we’re sure you will find something in our treasure chest that you would like to have. Who knows, we may even get you to stick around and trade “Arrrrs” with us.

So go on, check out what we have to share. We hope you enjoy and become regular pirates!

Arrrr—special thanks to Jamie Glavic, Creative & Digital Content Manager of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, for all her help setting up the blog and getting us started.