2015 AASLH-44The annual meeting is not an isolated event; it represents the culmination of innovative ideas that you introduce to the field throughout the year. So thank you, once again, for making each annual meeting even more vibrant than the last. Whether you came to Louisville to learn in person, joined us online to participate in the live hybrid sessions, or helped lay the intellectual foundations for this year’s discourse, your participation fostered invaluable dialogue on improving our institutions and our field.

We put together a Storify collection of attendees’ tweets and photos. It’s a great reminder of all that we did and a nice way to share some pithy quotes and photo-op moments if you couldn’t make the conference.

Nineteen free recordings from AASLH 2015 (including the keynote addresses by Sam Wineburg, Wendell Berry, and James C. Klotter) are now available on the website for download. Simply visit our this page to browse the collection. Six sessions were broadcast live as part of our 2015 Online Conference. Video recordings of those sessions will be available for on-demand purchase in March. Until then, you can buy and download sessions from AASLH 2014 in St. Paul and AASLH 2013 in Birmingham.

Whether or not you came to the conference, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the recorded sessions by posting on social media with the hashtag #AASLH2015 or by contributing to our Member’s Voices blog.

The 2016 call for proposals is now available online. We look forward to hearing your session ideas and seeing you next year in Detroit to explore The Spirit of Rebirth.