The Naugatuck Historical Society (AASLH Member since 1996) was recognized by Citizen’s News for earning certificates for two StEPs sections (Bronze in “Mission, Vision, and Governance” and Silver in Audience). They completed these sections as part of the StEPs-CT group in Connecticut.


The Naugatuck Historical Society has completed the area focused on its mission, vision and governance. During this section, the society wrote, reviewed and rewrote its mission statement, vision statement, job descriptions and overall board organization, a press release stated. The society achieved a Bronze Certificate in this area.

The second segment the society completed focused on audience. The society surveyed residents to learn more about how it can improve services, and looked at improving its new website. In this area, the society earned a Silver Certificate, the release stated.

“The certificates not only show the museum world our progress, but also show ourselves what we are capable of, even during our time of great transition,” Wendy Murphy, team leader of the Audience section, said in the release.

You can read the original article here.


Ken Hanks, Naugatuck Historical Society President. Photo by Citizen’s News