We are pleased to announce a new benefit for AASLH Institutional Members. Members are now able to receive, at a significant discount, comprehensive digital history collections services through HistoryIT’s Digital Compass program.

Digital Compass, a program only available to AASLH Institutional Members, provides a strategic plan, along with a digital prototype, to develop, enhance, manage, sustain, share, and draw new value from digital historical collections.

AASLH members also get 20% off all HistoryIT software.

You can learn more about this member benefit and how to make the most of it on the HistoryIT website.



HistoryIT is a transformative technology and services company that provides a new approach to making historical collections more useful. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, and owned by professional historians and technologists, HistoryIT brings industry-leading expertise to preserve historical collections of all types and sizes and to make them easily searchable. Clients include cultural institutions, universities, corporations, professional associations, sports teams and more.

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