May 1, 2015



 John Dichtl Assumes New Post as President/CEO

SONY DSCNashville, TN— Dr. John Dichtl (pictured) is the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), a 6,000- plus member association for the history field based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has served for the last nine years as Executive Director of the National Council on Public History, and was an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of History at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Beginning May 1, 2015, Dichtl heads a leadership team with Bob Beatty in the new role of Chief Operating Officer. Beatty served as interim CEO for AASLH from July 2014 through April 2015.

“For 75 years, the American Association for State and Local History has helped people connect to the history that is essential to ourselves, our communities and our future,” said Dr. Julie Rose, AASLH Council Chair and Director, West Baton Rouge Museum. “With John Dichtl as our new President/CEO we begin a new chapter of service. His knowledge and experience as a key leader in the history field will move us forward together as we engage people in the local and state history so relevant to our lives.”

“I am eager to strengthen the best parts of AASLH and to develop new directions,” said Dichtl. “It’s obvious that there is a lot of energy across the historical community. History organizations, institutions, and practitioners are linked together and fired up to a tremendous degree, and AASLH will do its best to lead the way.”

About the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH):

AASLH has provided leadership and support for its members who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all Americans since 1940. AASLH is the only national association dedicated to the uniqueness of history organizations and the specific challenges of collecting, preserving, and interpreting history. Membership includes over 6,000 individuals and institutions from rural communities, urban sites, small historical societies, and large history centers across the United States. For this diverse membership, AASLH offers programs and services that meet members’ needs while progressively advancing the goals and standards of the field of state and local history. From its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, AASLH is proud to provide a home for those who work and volunteer in the field of state and local history. For more information, visit