AASLH and the Nomenclature 3.0 Task Force are pleased to introduce this blog for users of Nomenclature 3.0 for Museum Cataloging. Nomenclature 3.0 is a hierarchically organized list of object terms used for the cataloging of museum objects. It is both a classification system and vocabulary standard, used to identify, name, and classify objects in humanities collections.

Blog posts will be published periodically by members of the Nomenclature Task Force, and are intended to:

  • inform users of Nomenclature news and developments—for example:
    – announcements of Nomenclature revisions
    –  upcoming Nomenclature presentations at conferences
    –  information on Nomenclature integration within collections software
  • provide instruction on how to use Nomenclature—for example:
    –  how to catalog toys and models, advertising media, multiple use objects, etc.
    –  how to deal with archival data in your museum classification system
    –  avoiding use of qualifiers to create new compound terms
  •  act as a forum for Nomenclature users to discuss term usage and ask advice—for example:
    –  every blog post will have a “comments” section to discuss the topic with the author and other readers
  • provide interesting information about the history of Nomenclature and collections management

We invite your participation in this blog—please use the “Leave a Reply” section below to provide feedback, supplementary information, or ask questions. Your comments will be added to the area beneath each blog post, and will be shared with other readers.

And if you have an idea for a blog post—a classification issue that you are struggling with, a question that you need the answer to, or just to share your Nomenclature cataloging experience, please let us know by contacting nomenclature@aaslh.org.