Certainly there are teachers who love your museum or historic site, but wouldn’t you like to attract even more school groups? One important step in accomplishing that is to survey teachers so you clearly understand your museum’s strengths and opportunities for improvement from their point of view.


AASLH’s Visitors Count! program helps you collect data and feedback from teachers who bring classes for an onsite program. You receive use of a proven survey instrument, custom questions that ask about issues specific to your museum, and professional analysis of your survey data. Plus, only Visitors Count! delivers benchmarks that compare your results with other museums of similar type, budget, geographic location, and governance, all while keeping your results confidential.

Visitors Count! is the most comprehensive visitor research tool available to mid- and large-sized history organizations. AASLH offers a convenient payment plan that allows most participants to pay the program fee over two fiscal years (total fee is $3,750 for institutional members; $4,500 for non-members).

We will soon begin the process of writing custom questions and preparing client museums to distribute their surveys. The deadline to sign up your museum for the 2014-15 school year survey cycle is August 15.

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To discuss using Visitors Count! at your museum or site, contact Cherie Cook at cook@aaslh.org or 573-893-5164.